International Cooperation

Internationalization route has always been one of the corporate strategies of cobb technology. Kebu technology strives to integrate the most advanced technology, the most advanced talents and the most advanced ideas into the development process of the enterprise, to provide the most powerful support for the internationalization pace, internationalization strategy and internationalization development of kebu technology, and to ensure that kebu technology partners get the best quality products in the world.

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International dialogue, win-win with customers

And Japan ヤ ザ キ industry (strains) machining technical cooperation, personnel exchanges and technical exchanges, and supply high quality machining products.

And Japan ケ イ ア イ マ シ ナ リ ー reached a strategic partnership. Maintain technical communication and exchange on the production of mini crane.

And the United States JEKKO company to partner on the production of miniature crane (miniature crawler crane), technical cooperation.

Mr. Peter Hartmann, a German hydraulic expert, is engaged for technical management of hydraulic technology. Actively introduce the advanced experience of German hydraulic technology to ensure that the company's miniature crawler crane products use the best hydraulic technology.